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  • Made to measure. Keyed stretchers in spruce, B-grade, classic tongue and groove design. Made to your exact specifications

  • Built to measure A -grade stretchers. Professional quality kiln-dried spruce, sanded with bevelled edges, built to your exact specification

  • Made to measure. Keyed stretchers specifically concerved dor the restretching of canvasses. Made to your exact specification

  • Hevy duty steel, marin proprietary design, three models to choose from

  • Three versions: 1) Folding screen in spruce, primed 100% linen with hinges 2) Folding screen in pine, cottonduck prepared with an all-purpose acid-free gesso, metal hinges 3)Folding screen in spruce, primed 100% linen, double-motron hinges Made to measure

  • An efficient cost-effective pinewood case reinforced for the transport of art work

  • Bevelled edges on both sides permitting two canvasses to be presented on a single stretcher

  • "Tourillon" stretcher in kiln-dried spruce, precision cut at 45° angles,outfitted with tenon pins. Classic reinforced design structure for  increased solidity

  • Corner keys (wedges) in beech or oak for use with museum grade A or standard grade stretchers. Several sizes available for maximum adaptability. Made to measure at your request

  • Pierced corner key fixations including screws and washers. Maintain your stretcher keys in place

  • The stretcher for the restretching of canvases. Exists in two versions. Fixed and exstensible. Made to measure

  • A simple rust-proof metal tool for the application of gesso onto stretched surfaces. Two sizes: 50cm, 100cm

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items