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  • Corner keys (wedges) in beech or oak for use with museum grade A or standard grade stretchers. Several sizes available for maximum adaptability. Made to measure at your request

  • Pierced corner key fixations including screws and washers. Maintain your stretcher keys in place

  • Three versions: 1) Folding screen in spruce, primed 100% linen with hinges 2) Folding screen in pine, cottonduck prepared with an all-purpose acid-free gesso, metal hinges 3)Folding screen in spruce, primed 100% linen, double-motron hinges Made to measure

  • Hevy duty steel, marin proprietary design, three models to choose from

  • A simple rust-proof metal tool for the application of gesso onto stretched surfaces. Two sizes: 50cm, 100cm

  • 1. Augmented stretcher stability 2. The option of an additional high quality painting surface. Made to measure

  • This "aleze" design offers high edges and a diagonal cross bar for augmented stability. Made to measure

  • Increased stretcher depth (45mm) on a B-grade keyed stretcher. Made to measure

  • Similar to the outside aleze but better adapted to large format stretchers. Made to measure

  • Constructed in your choice of oak or polar. Copies of old style, classic stretchers in the Antoine Marin collection. Made to measure.

  • Fully functional spruce wood stretchers based on models in the Antoine Marin collection, second half of the 19th century. Round headed pin and tenon pin direct mount assembly. Made to measure.

  • retcher “n°1 à double enfourchement”. The dovetailing of two systems of assembly in a single stretcher. The result: arguably the best technique for stretcher for assembly. Made to measure.

  • Constructed with a reduced slope permitting an extremely soled yet much flaher stretcher. Made to measure

  • What is spacial about the T-assembly stretcher? The crossbar is given absolute priority in construction (made in thin or thick to your specification). Substantial strenght. Made to measure

Showing 15 - 28 of 50 items